Scout Health Security

Innovative Solutions to Global Health Concerns

Around the world, COVID-19 remains a threat to operational continuity. Employees and visiting stakeholders need to know you have their health security in mind.

Health security seeks answers to questions like:
• How can we maximize traffic flow & reduce operational impacts?
• How can we quickly deploy on-site health screening?
• How can we monitor the health of on-site employees & visitors?
• How can we implement touchless solutions throughout our facility?
• How can we safely isolate individuals who show symptoms of infection?

Scout Health Security products help you rapidly implement an effective health security strategy and reopen your facilities.

Scout is designed and manufactured by Cherokee Federal, a division of Cherokee Nation Businesses — the economic engine of Cherokee Nation, the largest Native American tribe in the U.S. One-hundred percent of the company’s profits support future business investments and the well-being of the tribe’s citizens through health care, education and job creation, ensuring better lives for Cherokees today and tomorrow.

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